Vacation Rental Cleaning

     We take pride in our work and our crew understands what it means to run a vacation rental.  Communication is essential to making sure that the rental runs efficiently, and that you are not stuck dealing with unnecessary complaints.   We do understand that cost can be a concern for owners, and we try and stay competitive.  With that being said we also understand the necessity of a job well done and we do schedule our staff accordingly.  For an average size home of 1100 square ft, 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms, you can expect the cleaner to need about 3.5 to 4 hours to get the job done right, and ready for your next guests.  We have a 3.5 hour billing minumum for all vacation rentals regardless of size.  Larger homes require more time, and we will go over what that looks like when we schedule an initial walk through for your vacation rental cleaning services.  

     We have found over the years that making sure laundry is done on site is the most efficient. Having a washer and dryer available for our crew is essential, and for larger properties you may want to consider having a larger or second units available.  Our crew is provided with all of their own cleaning supplies, however we will provide you with a list of essentials to have on hand in case of emergencies. You can find this and more information available on our Additional Resources page.

        Schedule online and someone from our team will contact you shortly. If you don’t own a vacation rental and are looking for general housekeeping services, or move out cleaning services, please click here -> House Cleaning Services or Move Out Cleaning.


-Wash/dry any dishes and put away.

-Make sure dishwasher has been emptied

-Check for used coffee ground and K/Pods.

-Dispose of any food left behind.

-Wipe down exterior and interior of all major appliances.

-Wipe down all countertops and sink.

-Clean Floors.

-Empty all trash and recycling and replace liners.

-Restock coffee area and/or snack area (if applicable).


-Wash all towels and bath mats and replace neatly.

-Wash shower curtain and liner when needed.

-Clean entire toilet.

-Wipe down all surfaces.

-Polish mirror(s).

-Sweep and mop floors.

-Empty trash and replace liner.

-Restock toiletries : toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner.


-Wash all used linens.

-Neatly remake beds.

-Wipe down/dust surfaces.

-Check for remote.

-Check drawers/under the bed for things left behind.

-Empty trash and replace liner.

-Clean Floors.

Living Area(s)

-Wash blankets and pillow covers on rotation.

-Wipe down/dust surfaces.

-Arrange any magazines/remotes.

-Make sure couch/chair cushions are neatly in place.

-Empty trash and replace liner.

-Clean Floors.

Patio Space(s)

-Clean any siding glass door(s).

-Wipe down and straighten up patio tables and chairs.

-Clean outdoor grill.

-Sweep patio area.

-For properties with a yard please contact a local landscaping company for maintenance.

-We do not do any pine needle removal.  We will sweep off patio spaces however you will want to hire a company to clean your gutters and yard debris.

Annual to Semi Annual Deep Cleaning Services

To ensure that your property maintains itself you will want to schedule a deep clean act least once a year and before routine cleaning services start. If your property has been very busy, or if you have had extended bookings you will want to schedule deep cleans more regularly. The ideal times to schedule a deep clean are in August to September and again after the holiday rush in late January to February. We will communicate with you throughout the year in regards to the status of your property and what we think needs to be addressed. We do rotate deep cleaning chores into regular cleans when your property has a lighter stay, for example if only half of the beds were used.  Here are some things included in a deep clean:


-Ceiling Fans/lights.

-Interior windows within reach.

-Inside of cabinets (primarily in the kitchen and bathrooms, we do wipe out empty cabinets/drawers regularly).

-Deeper cleaning of your outdoor grill, underneath the grates.

-Washing extra linens.

-Organizing of supply closet.

-Closer attention to walls and doors.

-Running the self cleaning cycle on the oven, secondary cleaning when complete.

-Running a self cleaning cycle on the dishwasher and washing machine.

-Washing your vacuum cleaners filters.

-Cleaning underneath furniture cushions, washing slip covers and decorative pillow cases.

-Each property is different and may have additional cleaning needs which may be discussed and updated.

We look forward to helping you with you vacation rental cleaning needs

For more information please visit our Additional Resources page