Residential Cleaning Services

Schedule an appointment online or by contacting us directly to start regular cleaning services for your home.  Once scheduled one of our team members will meet you at your location to discuss what areas of your home you would like to schedule time for.  If, over time, your needs change we are happy to adjust the time allotted to meets your needs. We do have a 4 hour minimum for routine services.  Our residential clients sometimes prefer to work with the same crew member regularly, we are happy to try and make this accommodation, just let us know before hand.


-Wash/dry any dishes and put away.

-Make sure dishwasher has been emptied

-Check for used coffee grounds and K/Pods.

-Wipe down exterior and interior of all major appliances.

-Wipe down all countertops and sink.

-Clean Floors.

-Empty all trash and recycling and replace liners.

-Restock coffee area and/or snack area (if applicable).


-Wash all towels and bath mats and replace neatly.

-Wash shower curtain and liner when needed.

-Clean entire toilet.

-Wipe down all surfaces.

-Polish mirror(s).

-Sweep and mop floors.

-Empty trash and replace liner.

-Restock toiletries : toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner.


-Wash all used linens.

-Neatly remake beds.

-Wipe down/dust surfaces.

-Check for remote.

-Check drawers/under the bed for things left behind.

-Empty trash and replace liner.

-Clean Floors.

Living Area(s)

-Wash blankets and pillow covers on rotation.

-Wipe down/dust surfaces.

-Arrange any magazines/remotes.

-Make sure couch/chair cushions are neatly in place.

-Empty trash and replace liner.

-Clean Floors.

Annual to Semi Annual Deep Cleaning Services

To ensure that your property maintains itself you will want to schedule a deep clean at least once a year and  before routine services start. The ideal times to schedule a deep clean are in August to September and again after the holiday rush in late January to February.  Here are some things included in a deep clean:


-Ceiling Fans/lights.

-Interior windows within reach.

-Inside of cabinets (primarily in the kitchen and bathrooms, we do wipe out empty cabinets/drawers regularly).

-Closer attention to walls and doors.

-Running the self cleaning cycle on the oven, secondary cleaning when complete.

-Running a self cleaning cycle on the dishwasher and washing machine.

For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.