Deep Cleaning Services

Wether you are changing locations, starting new services, or your an existing client that needs to schedule a more detailed cleaning, we can help.  Deep cleanings typically take more time than a standard cleaning, as more attention towards detailed work is required.  You may add in additional deep cleaning services to your routine cleanings, for example, if you would like to schedule an extra hour or two for more detailed work in a specific area. If you are looking for a deep cleaning of your entire home we recommend scheduling as soon as possible after a routine service has been completed. This way we are able to focus more on specific tasks without spending too much energy also managing general cleaning duties. You can schedule a time for us to provide a quote for a deep cleaning by booking online or contacting us directly.  Here are some of the most common things our clients schedule extra time for:


-Organizing and cleaning inside of cabinets and drawers.

-Inside of the oven, usually to include running the self cleaning cycle.

-Cleaning behind and under larger appliances.

-Removing and cleaning interior shelves of refrigerator and freezer.

-Wiping down the tops of cabinetry, and all door and drawer panels.

-Closer attention to doors, walls and baseboards.

-Cleaning of light fixtures and fans.


-Removing soap scum and limescale buildup.

-Washing the shower curtain and liner.

-Cleaning the inside of vanities and medicine cabinets.

-Wiping down light fixtures

-Cleaning of fan vent cover .

-Closer attention to doors, walls, trim and baseboards.

General Spaces

-Cleaning under furniture and cushions.

-Wiping down light fixtures and fans.


-Dusting individual decorations.

-Baseboards, window frames, door frames, and doors.

-Window seals and window tracks.

-Interior windows within reach.

-Polishing furniture.