Frequently Asked Questions

> How do I log into your website? You can click on the "Book an Appointment" button at the top of the website to direct you to our scheduling system. From there you click on the "Sign in" link in the upper right hand corner. You will use the phone number that we have on file for you to log in.  You do not have a password, instead you will be sent a one time code to use as your password.  If you try to request an appointment and you have used us in the past under the same phone number you will be prompted to log in.

>I can't click on the "Book an Appointment" button? If you click more on the left side of the button it should work.  The website adjusts to the width of the screen on multiple device options, and that seems to effect the link on wider devices.

> Can I get a quote over the phone instead of scheduling a walk through? A quote really is a guess, and it is hard to determine the scope of work needed without walking through the property. Even after a walk through sometimes things come up that end up requiring more time.  We will communicate any extra time needed as well as document what issue(s) caused the extra time requested that adjusts the initial range quoted.  We can try and give you a general quote  over the phone for standard services based off of the size of your property, but this may change once we are able to start the job.

>Do I need to be on site for the duration of the clean?  No, this is not required. For vacation rentals most owners prefer to either leave us a key in a lockbox outside or set us up with our own keyless entry code.  Typically the cleaners prefer to be able to concentrate on the tasks at hand with minimal interruptions, so they can finish in the time they are allotted.  It is very important that if your cleaner is scheduled to clean while you also have other services  scheduled (landscaping or maintenance for example) that you let us know, that way we can give our crew a heads up. For residential properties most clients prefer to schedule us while they are away or at work, but you are welcome to be present for your clean. If you have any pets please let us know what your policy is in regards to easier access and where they can be as not to interfere with cleaning.

>How do I track my cleaning costs for tax purposes?  We can provide you with a breakdown of expenses at any time upon request. You can also track your expenses by logging into our website.  Please fee free to reach if you have any questions.  

>Can I have your crew us my preferred products?  Absolutely! This is not uncommon, especially for residential homes. We are happy to use any products that you have supplied at the property.

>Should I tip the cleaners? This is completely discretionary, and if you choose to tip be assured that 100% of the tip is given to the cleaner.  For businesses or vacation rentals its common to tip once a year, usually around the holidays or the new year, opposed to after each clean.  If you have had multiple cleaners service your property throughout the year the tip is divided equally.  For residential clients it's common to tip after each clean, or once a year around the new year/holidays if you choose to.

>How does your scheduling work?  For residential homes and deep cleans we will schedule you for a time that works for everyone. You can expect the cleaner to arrive within a one hour window of the time scheduled.  For residential clients feel free to work directly with your cleaner to adjust your schedule.  For vacation rentals scheduling can be a little more difficult on our end, as check ins and check outs fall on different days each week.  While this does pose a certain finesse to our scheduling, it also means that the cleaners have more flexibility on arrival and completion.   Our crew loves vacation rentals for that reason, as most of our crew that services these cleans does so part time in addition to either school or a primary job. When we schedule your vacation rental cleaning the crew assigned has the ability to arrive anytime in between guests. You will be notified what day they intend on cleaning, and also notified if they need to change days.  We do have plenty of back up crew including management that can help out if you have a last minute booking.  We will also show you how to export your bookings to us,  that way we are notified of your arrivals automatically and we can base our scheduling off of that. We do only book vacation rental cleanings out for one week, we have found that bookings change to often to schedule any further out than that.  It is very important that you notify us if you get a new confirmed booking during the week that we have already scheduled for.   We are not liable for a missed cleaning if we are not notified of last minute confirmed reservations.  You will be notified by text and email for all updates to your schedule with us, you may also log into your account online and track all future and past appointments.  You can also adjust your notification settings after logging in, or by letting us know.

>Where did your slogan "Beautiful , Entire, and Clean" come from?  Actually no one has asked this question yet, but I wanted a space to give credit. Short answer is it's from the poem "The Builders" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Longer answer is it's Charlies favorite poem in "The Old Ashburn Place" which my great great grandmother, Margaret Flint, authored. She won best first novel in 1935, the same year her husband died from the long term effects of gas exposure in WWI.  She found out she won on her birthday and moved her family back to Maine with her earnings.  She continued to write, having 8 more novels published.  I think it's a great story and a beautiful poem.